Devising Classroom Activities for English as an International Language Pedagogy


This paper exemplifies activities devised to raise awareness of EIL students in monolingual classrooms. The ultimate aim is to prepare students for intercultural communication with English users of different varieties of English from different cultural backgrounds by first exposing the students in their monocultural classroom to Englishes from multicultural contexts. The activities reflect a pluri-centric view of English and embrace different cultures. The global spread of English from inner circle countries has spawned a large number of different varieties of English in the world. This sociolinguistic reality of English has led ELT researchers to question the validity of teaching just a native variety of English. While there is now a general consensus in the field of English as an international language pedagogy that the students should be exposed to different varieties of English in their local classrooms, the challenge is to rethink our classrooms to create ways to do this. This paper has attempted to help fill this gap by presenting a few awareness raising activities that I have used in my own classroom.



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